18 Slider Recipes To Feed A Crowd

Discover quick and easy slider recipes that will be the hit of any party or easy weeknight meal. Our party sliders offer everything from traditional Cheeseburger Sliders to gourmet Jalapeno Pepper Jack Chicken Sliders.

Cheesy Meatball Sliders

Photo Credit: Quiche My Grits

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Cheesy Meatall Sliders are piled high with seasoned ground beef wrapped around wedges of Babybel cheese. Sandwiches are drizzled with barbecue sauce, then topped with smoked gouda for a cheesy delight! Get the Recipe: Cheesy Meatball Sliders

Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sliders

Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

Wake up to the most delicious ‘Good Morning’ with these quick & easy Hawaiian Roll Breakfast Sliders! They’re the ultimate breakfast, brunch, or even “breakfast for dinner” treat, ready in just 35 minutes. Get the Recipe: Ham, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sliders

Bacon Breakfast Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls

Bacon breakfast sliders on a serving spoon.
Photo Credit: Bensabaconlovers

Bacon eggs and cheese are the starts in these Bacon Breakfast Sliders. Enjoy them as a breakfast or brunch meal or breakfast-for-dinner! Get the Recipe: Bacon Breakfast Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls

Pizza Sliders

Pizza sliders on a wooden board.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella

Pizza sliders are a simple snack with endless topping possibilities. These Hawaiian roll sliders blend the flavors of garlic bread with classic pizza toppings for a delightful twist!. Get the Recipe: Pizza Sliders

Sheet Pan Italian Sliders

Sheet pan Italian sliders close up image.
Photo Credit: Quiche My Grits

Clean up’s a breeze with these Sheet Pan italian Sliders. Filled with delicious Italian flavors, these mini sandwiches are packed with flavor! Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Italian Sliders

Hawaiian Roll Breakfast Sliders

Hawaiian roll breakfast sliders in a white casserole dish.
Photo Credit: Blue’s Best Life

This Easy Hawaiian Roll Egg Breakfast Sliders Recipe is a fantastic choice for a family breakfast or brunch, or breakfast for dinner! Packed with cheesy, fluffy eggs, and savory breakfast sausage, they’re a breeze to whip up! Get the Recipe: Hawaiian Roll Breakfast Sliders

Sloppy Joe Sliders

Sloppy Joe sliders on a white plate.
Photo Credit: From Valerie’s Kitchen

These Sloppy Joe Sliders are perfectly suited for a party. Toasted buns filled with a super flavorful Sloppy Joe mixture and melted cheese. Get the Recipe: Sloppy Joe Sliders

BBQ Chicken Sliders

BBQ chicken sliders on a wooden cutting board.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

This easy Barbecue Chicken Sliders Recipe features a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce that perfectly complements the chicken and Hawaiian rolls. With melted cheese, red onions, and a delicious garlic butter topping, these sliders are bursting with flavor. Get the Recipe: BBQ Chicken Sliders

Cheeseburger Sliders

Cheeseburger sliders on a wooden board.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

These cheeseburger sliders, have the classic deliciousness of juicy beef seasoned to perfection, layered with creamy American cheese, all in bite-sized perfection. Parties, potlucks and easy dinners – these are the best! Get the Recipe: Cheeseburger Sliders

Turkey Cranberry Sliders

Photo Credit: I Heart Eating

Turn leftover Thanksgiving turkey (or use deli turkey) and cranberry sauce into a new meal! These easy sliders take just minutes to make and are oh so tasty! Get the Recipe: Turkey Cranberry Sliders

Maple Bacon Turkey Sliders

Maple turkey bacon sliders in a white baking dish.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella

Packed with deli turkey, crispy bacon, onions, cheese, and more, these turkey sliders are a tasty twist on the classic. They’re sure to satisfy any hunger pangs and bring a burst of sweet and savory goodness to your meal. Get the Recipe: Maple Bacon Turkey Sliders

Jalapeño Pepper Jack Chicken Sliders

Jalapeño Pepper Jack Chicken Sliders with Guacamole on a wooden board.
Photo Credit: Blue’s Best Life

If you’re feeding a group of hungry guests, these Jalapeño Pepper Jack Chicken Sliders with Guacamole will be the first to disappear at a party! Get the Recipe: Jalapeño Pepper Jack Chicken Sliders

Easy Turkey Sliders with Cheese Recipes

Turkey sliders with cheese on a baking sheet with fresh rosemary.
Photo Credit: Blue’s Best Life

These easy turkey sliders with cheese are a fantastic way to enjoy tender turkey any time of year. Piled high with layers of turkey breast, provolone cheese, and cranberry sauce on sweet Hawaiian rolls, these sandwiches make for a quick and satisfying appetizer, lunch, or main dish. Get the Recipe: Turkey Sliders

Hot Italian Sliders

Hot Italian Sliders on a wooden board.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella

Hot Italian sliders are the ultimate crowd-pleaser, ideal for tailgates or backyard picnics. With slider rolls, Italian deli meats, and cheeses, they’re like mini Italian subs in every bite. Serve with marinara for dipping, and you’ve got the perfect appetizer or dinner recipe! Get the Recipe: Hot Italian Sliders

Ham & Cheese Sliders

Close up image of ham and cheese sliders.
Photo Credit: Dancing Around The Kitchen

These hot Ham and Cheese Sliders are easy to make and perfect for busy weeknight meals! They’re cheesy, meaty and covered in a rich, buttery sauce. Get the Recipe: Ham & Cheese Sliders

Meatball Sliders

Meatball sliders on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Simply Stacie

Elevate your party food game with these cheesy Meatball Sliders! They’re the best of both worlds – irresistibly cheesy with homemade meatballs and topped with a flavorful pepperoni Parmesan sauce. Whether it’s a family dinner or a crowd-pleasing football appetizer, these sliders are sure to steal the show! Get the Recipe: Meatball Sliders

Cuban Sliders

Cuban sliders stacked on a plate.
Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

Cuban sliders bring a fun twist to the classic hot sandwich, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying as a hearty meal. Whether you’re whipping them up for a laid-back appetizer or a no-fuss lunch, these sliders are packed with tangy goodness and guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds!. Get the Recipe: Cuban Sliders

Corned Beef & Hash Brown Sliders

Photo Credit: Carolyn’s Cooking

These sliders make for a delightful dinner idea, perfect for utilizing leftover corned beef any time of the year. They’re versatile enough to enjoy year-round and are sure to be a hit as party food. Get the Recipe: Corned Beef & Hash Brown Sliders

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