Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes For Busy Weeknights

When time it tight, turn to these quick and easy dinners – they’re lifesavers! They’re designed to have you in and out of the kitchen fast without sacrificing delicious flavors. Whether you’re looking for something light or hearty, these dishes will fit perfectly into your busy schedule.

Chicken Garlic Parmesan Pasta

Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin

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This Chicken Garlic Parmesan Pasta has juicy sautéed chicken bathed in a delectable cheesy cream sauce for a perfect easy pasta indulgence. Get the Recipe: Chicken Garlic Parmesan Pasta

Cheeseburger Macaroni

Cheeseburger macaroni in a white bowl.
Photo Credit: Shes Not Cookin

This hearty and delicious easy one-pot cheeseburger macaroni recipe, combines two of the most loved recipes. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be enjoying the delightful creaminess of melted cheese with seasoned beef and macaroni noodles. Get the Recipe: Cheeseburger Macaroni

Cream of Mushroom Pork Chops

Cream of mushroom pork chops on a white plate with mashed potatoes.
Photo Credit: Shes Not Cookin

Enjoy this easy Creamy Mushroom Pork Chops on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes or rice for the ultimate comfort food dinner. Get the Recipe the Recipe: Cream of Mushroom Pork Chops

Creamy Beef & Shells

Creamy beef and shells with a parsley garnish in a white bowl.
Photo Credit: Shes Not Cookin

Creamy beef and shells is a comforting blend of seasoned beef, pasta, in a rich tomato cream sauce, elevated with herbs, garlic, and cheddar cheese for an easy, satisfying dinner after a long day. Get the Recipe: Creamy Beef and Shells

Chicken & Broccoli Pasta

Chicken and broccoli pasta on a white plate.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin

Chicken & Broccoli Pasta is an easy family dinner for any day of the week. It’s perfectly seasoned and has a creamy sauce that will have you running back for seconds. Get the Recipe: Chicken & Broccoli Pasta

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Finished dish of sheet pan chicekn fajitas with flour tortillas and avocado on the side.
Photo Credit: Blue’s Best Life

Ready in 30 minutes, these Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas feature tender chicken, peppers, onions and a flavorful spice blend. A delicious meal the whole family will love Get the Recipe: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Mongolian Beef

Mongolian beef recipe on a bed of rice on a white serving platter.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin

Enjoy the rich flavors of this easy Mongolian Beef recipe, featuring a sweet and savory sauce infused with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and brown sugar. Whip up this delicious ultimate hassle-free dinner in just 20 minutes!. Get the Recipe: Mongolian Beef

Honey Garlic Chicken Bites

Closeup picture of honey garlic chicken bites with green onion as a garnish.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin

Indulge in the ideal fusion of sweet and savory flavors with this Honey Garlic Chicken Bites recipe. A much loved recipe known for its tastiness that you can whip up in just 25 minutes for an easy dinner served with rice or noodles. Get the Recipe: Honey Garlic Chicken Bites

Chicken Fajita Pasta

Chicken fajita pasta in skillet ready to be eaten.
Photo Credit: Quiche My Grits

You’ll fall for this Chicken Fajita Pasta in one bite. Tender chicken in a creamy sauce with delicious Mexican flavors. This one’s a crowd-pleaser! Get the Recipe: Chicken Fajita Pasta

Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Stovetop mac and cheese scooped onto a wooden spoon.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

Enjoy the delightful, popular flavors of this easy stovetop Mac and Cheese, ready in only 25 minutes. Its velvety, creamy cheese sauce delivers that comforting, gooey satisfaction, making it a dinner table favorite. Get the Recipe: Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Sloppy Joe Casserole

Sloppy Joe Casserole on a white plate with a fork.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

This simple Sloppy Joe Casserole features a delicious homemade sauce, perfectly seasoned, with a layer of melty cheese, both in the middle and on top, making it an ideal weeknight meal. Get the Recipe: Sloppy Joe Casserole

Ground Beef Taco Salad

Taco salad on a white plate.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

This easy taco salad, with seasoned ground beef, fresh veggies, crunchy tortilla strips, and a creamy dressing, is perfect for any day and ready in just 25 minutes! The perfect dinner idea when you don’t know what to make. Get the Recipe: Ground Beef Taco Salad

Mexican Spaghetti

Mexican spaghetti in skillet with melted cheese on top.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

Even the pickiest eaters will gobble up this tasty Taco Spaghetti. Quick and easy to throw together for dinner it also reheats well in the microwave the next day. Get the Recipe: Taco Spaghetti

Sloppy Joe’s on Garlic Bread

Sloppy Joe Texas toast on a white plate with a fork.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

This easy twist on traditional Sloppy Joes is a fun way to enjoy this easy dinner with a delicious homemaade sloppy joe sauce. Get the Recipe: Sloppy Joes on Garlic Bread

Walking Taco Casserole

Walking Taco Casserole in a blue baking dish.
Photo Credit: She’s Not Cookin’

Picture layers of seasoned beef with gooey melted cheddar, all topped off with the classic crunch of Fritos, reminiscent of the beloved walking taco. Serve over a bed of rice, roll it up in a tortilla or scoop up with nacho chips. Get the Recipe the Recipe: Walking Taco Casserole

Tortilla Pizza

tortillaas pizza on wooden cutting boards.
Photo Credit: Spend With Pennies

You won’t need any special tools or ingredients to make these easy Tortilla Pizza, just tortillas, shredded cheese, pizza sauce, and your favorite toppings. Get the Recipe: Tortilla Pizza

Hawaiian Fried Rice

Photo Credit: The Fresh Cooky

Ready in 30 minutes, this one-skillet Hawaiian Fried Rice is sure to please everyone around the dinner table. Get the Recipe: Hawaiian Fried Rice

Old-Fashioned Sloppy Joes

Photo Credit: Quiche My Grits

You’ll love these Old Fashioned Sloppy Joes! They’re just like Grandma used to make and made with simple ingredients, ready in just 30 minutes! Get the Recipe: Old-Fashioned Sloppy Joes

Stuffed Pepper Skillet

Photo Credit: Valerie’s Kitchen

Enjoy all the delicious flavors of traditional stuffed peppers with this easy Stuffed Pepper Skillet. Ready in just 30 minutes, it’s a satisfying meal that you can have on the table in no time! Get the Recipe: Stuffed Pepper Skillet

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