Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

Easy Graham Cracker Gingerbread House are made from Graham crackers, chocolate, mini marshmallows, store-bought icing and your kids favorite holiday candy. Such a fun easy project for little hands!

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Easy gingerbread house for the holidays

These cute gingerbread little houses were all over Pinterest last fall with Halloween themes. No bake gingerbread houses are the easiest and best holiday kids craft, that they can eat.

This is a really quick project for kids making easy gingerbread houses and especially suited for little hands with some adult supervision required. 

The cracker cookies can be cut using a butter knife. You can slide the knife back and forth with a cutting motion and the cookies cut very easily. This step can easily be prepped in advanced away from the kids. 

S’mores Gingerbread house no-bake

Today, we made them in a camping S’mores style Christmas-themed candy cane gingerbread house for some Christmas In July fun! It’s hot today and no one wants to melt in a warm kitchen.

Making cheap gingerbread houses by keeping it simple and stick to the traditional s’mores with graham cookies, marshmallow and chocolates without the added candy!

We made candy gingerbread house with chocolate and you will need the white icing as frosting. The icing will act as the ‘glue’ to hold on the mini marshmallows. The easiest stand in for gingerbread for houses, really is graham crackers!

Why you’ll love this easy gingerbread house for kids project

  • Easy and fun to make holiday treat, perfect for little hands
  • Easy gingerbread house to customize for different holiday themes as a fun kids craft during any season
  • Look as good as they are fun to eat
  • Great gingerbread house for classroom project once you cut the graham crackers into shape

Gingerbread house supplies for making gingerbread houses with graham crackers

Supplies needed to no bake s'mores gingerbread houses.
  • Graham Cracker Cookies one box
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Store bought white icing (green and red optional)
  • Holiday sprinkles
  • Milk chocolate that is easily cut into squares (for door)
  • Other candies for decoration – Swedish berries, Holiday M&M candies, candy canes.

Best frosting for gingerbread houses?

I feel the easy best frosting for gingerbread house with graham crackers is really to buy store bought icing in the color you want. How can it get easier than that!

Graham cracker cookies and chocolate on red star-shaped plate with candies in the background.

Substitutions for easy to make gingerbread house with kids

The best part of this gingerbread house recipe for kids crafts is that you can change up the holiday themes so easily.

Gingerbread house for Halloween holidays, use orange and black candy like Reese’s pieces, Halloween sprinkles and black liquorice.

For the Easter holidays you can use pastel candy colors in your favorite Easter candy like Peeps, Easter Sprinkles and Cadbury mini eggs.

Use red and white candy or sprinkles for Fourth of July holiday celebrations gingerbread crafts.

Step by step instructions for how to make gingerbread houses

A butter knife cutting into a graham cracker.

Start by cutting the cookie on an angle to shape the roof. This is easy using a butter knife. You will have better results by sliding the knife back and forth instead of trying to press down hard and chop through it.

Icing is piped onto a graham cookies.

Next, use the store-bought white icing to pipe icing on the roof line. I bought the type in the bag with the tip already attached from Wilton.

If you buy the icing in the tub, you will need a disposable decorator bag with a small tip.

Alternatively, you could put it on using the end of a toothpick.

Marshmallows are added to the roof line on the gingerbread house.

Once you’ve pipe the icing, carefully place the marshmallows into the icing. (or whatever candy you would prefer)

Icing is added to the bottom part of the gingerbread house.

Pipe some icing on the bottom section of the house and smooth it out using a toothpick or a butter knife.

Add a piece of chocolate for the door and add sprinkles.

You can also pipe the icing along the bottom of the house and add candies on top or leave it plain.

A vivid imagination will come up with all types of icing and candy combinations!

Variations for easy diy gingerbread house

The possibilities are endless for making these fun diy gingerbread house kids edible craft projects.

We made candy gingerbread house but you can make a cartoon style gingerbread house or dinosaur gingerbread houses with your imagination.

Make your favourite holiday Christmas movie theme gingerbread houses using red heart candy for Grinch gingerbread house with green icing.

Make a Barbie gingerbread house is very popular after the success of the Barbie movie. To make a Barbie gingerbread house use pink and white icing along with Easter holiday pastel candies.

Close up image of completed s'mores gingerbread cookies that are iced with red, green and white icing.

Top tips for making edible gingerbread house

  • Cut your graham crackers into shape the day before so they are ready for the kids to make them with their supplies
  • Gather all your supplies together in one convenient spot
  • Designate a gingerbread building craft area the kids can use like the kitchen table
  • Make fun games out of making gingerbread houses

How to make icing for gingerbread houses?

Our royal icing recipe we used in our cut out sugar cookies is perfect if you want to make a homemade icing for a Gingerbread house icing recipe glue. This gingerbread icing really is the best frosting for gingerbread houses to help them stick together and be edible.

Can you eat gingerbread house?

We are happing to say that “Yes” these fun gingerbread houses are made for the kids to eat!

Some epic or big gingerbread houses are not really made for eating but just for show. But they are so much fun to look at during the holiday season. 

How to store gingerbread house from graham crackers?

The best way to store a gingerbread house with icing is to use an airtight container to store for 3 days. If you have multiple layers it is a good idea to use parchment paper in between them for easier serving.

We do not recommend freezing gingerbread houses with the icing.

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