Chicken Noodle  Casserole

This easy family dinner recipes is made without canned soup with a simple creamy sauce.


Ready in less than 1 hour and made with simple ingredients that are easy to find.

Step 1 

Cook the egg noodles, then drain & set aside.

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Step  2

Whisk together chicken broth, heavy cream, sour cream, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and sage until combined.

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Step  3

Add the chicken, pease and carrots and egg noodles, then transfer to baking dish.

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Step  4

Combine Ritz crackers and butter in small bowl until combined.

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Step  5

Sprinkle buttery cracker mixture on top of chicken mixture in casserole dish.

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Step  6

Bake in 375°F for 30 to 35 minutes & enjoy!

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